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ANANTHAAL is the brand new all star musical collaboration brainchilded by award winning composer, and music producer Clinton Cerejo.Featuring two incredible singers, Vijayprakash and Bianca Gomes who have unique vocal styles and sonic identities, ANANTHAAL seamlessly juxtaposes

strong Indian motifs with Western harmonic concepts and neatly packaged strong musical hooks that never leave your head.Blurring the lines between genres, ANANTHAAL truly defines the new song based fusion that is at once engaging and intriguing.

The band’s self titled debut album is the result of extensive studio sessions with ace musicians Gino Banks, Sheldon D’silva, Beven Fonseca and Pozy Dhar forming the core rhythm section and also has featured soloists like jazz maestro, Louis Banks and the prodigious guitar virtuoso, Dhruv Ghanekar. The country’s premier lyricists like Amitabh Bhattacharya, Shellee and Manoj Yadav along with some fresh new writers like Siddhanth Kaushal have all worked on the project.

The incomparable pool of talent that comes together on this album give the music spontaneity that is fresh and exciting with a truly universal appeal.